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According to the Gospel of John, chapter 9, verse 2 and 3, the disciples ask their Lord when they have found a blind born person at the path: "Master, who had sinned, he himself or his parents, so that he was born blind?"
Jesus answered: "Neither had he sinned, nor his parents, but the works of God were to be apparent on him."

They have become apparent on me!
Louis Braille, blind organist and inventor of the Braille alphabet which was named after him, might have felt the same.

Dr. Hans-Eugen Schulze

   The writing: Dr. Hans-Eugen Schulze, presented in Braille and normal print  


You are all heartily invited to download the documents on my homepage for blind and visually impaired people, to print the documents in a sans-serif script and a type size, which is optimal for visually impaired, and to record them on sound storage media or read them to blind people - on the phone as well.


The adoption of these documents on other websites requires my specific approval.



 Foto Dr. Schulze