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Handbook for successful ageing - 9.3.8 - 9.3.11


9.3.8 Large intestine cancer

Starting from the 55th year, in Germany you are insured for an enteroscopy ( (refer 9.1). Have this procedure performed even if your family doctor does not detect blood in the stool. Do not be afraid of it! It is no longer cumbersome and can save you from a bad end.

9.3.9 Cervix cancer

This develops via the Papilloma virus, which is transmitted via sexual intercourse, which, however, you can have yourself vaccinated against now. In Germany, roughly 6.500 women suffer from it every year. In 2004, 1.660 died of it. Unlike in case of HIV infections, condoms do not protect a person against being infected by Papilloma virus under all circumstances, since this is transmitted not by spermatic fluid, but rather via skin contact. This vaccine is recommended to girls as young as 12 years. It should be repeated after two and four months. The vaccination may not protect you against all carcinogens but at least in 70% of the cases. Besides, doing sports protects in particular slim women against this cancer.

9.3.10 Prostatic hyperplasia

On crossing 45 years, have your prostrate examined not by your family doctor, but by a urologist, who not only scans it, but also measures the size with an ultrasound scanner. Only in this manner can any growth over the years be tracked. Do not refuse the examination, since only through such an examination can you prevent a carcinoma and impotence. Furthermore, you should have your PSA-level checked at the occasion of a blood test from your 40th birthday on.

The seeds of the Styrian oil pumpkin slow down the growth of the prostate and can help both men and women against bladder weakness. However, you should not buy them in the form of granules or capsules in the pharmacy but on ebay under the designation "Styrian pumpkin seeds" or "pumpkin seeds from the Steiermark" or similar, and add them to your muesli.

It is doubtful whether other pumpkin seeds help as well. You should still prefer bread rolls with pumpkin seeds as these at least contain numerous unsaturated fatty acids, minerals, beta carotene and vitamin E.

9.3.11 Gallstones

If your doctor discovers a gall stone during an ultrasound scan but if you have had no complaints, you should just have your blood sugar checked more often than usually as gallstones can be a sign for a risk of diabetes. On the other hand, you should have your gall bladder removed if it hurts you occasionally, for there is the risk of the gall stones irritating the gall bladder, which can subsequently cause cancer.





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