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Handbook for successful ageing - 9.6.4 - 9.6.5


9.6.4 Nightly urge to urinate - urine check

A further consequence of the disturbance of the interchange between light and darkness can often be the nightly urge to urinate. Discuss with your doctor about what you can do against it. There are drugs that can make the bladder dialate and also drugs that help you to empty it completely. Check out all these drugs with or without prescription, first by buying them in the smallest available packs. Thereafter, pick one depending on which one helps you the best. Additionally, you can countersteer by drinking 1 ½ to 2 liters, which is the daily requirement, before 20.00 hours.

9.6.5 Visual phantom perceptions - optic hallucination = Charles Bonnet syndrome

Visually impaired and blind people suffer from visual hallucinations, even without any brain injuries, just as those with leg amputations could suffer from "cold feet". For seconds, minutes or even hours, apparitions, such as people (also dead ones), animals or plants, entire scenes, items, stars, lines, haze, colourful pictures, radios, thunder or the sun are visible, which do not exist. These are sometimes so garish that they cause pain. Closing the eyes sometimes helps. Turning to the wall when looking through a window, or approaching the apparition by convincing yourself that it does not exist can help. If the pictures appear pretty or if they awaken fond memories in you, you can harmlessly cherish and enjoy them.

Psychological or psychotherapeutic consultancy cannot help you, but rather can only confirm that despite everything, you are mentally healthy.





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