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International Conference - Contents and Preface


On the Special Needs of Blind and Low Vision Seniors
Research and Practice Concepts



Hans-Werner Wahl 


Hans-Eugen Schulze





On this underside, you find, after my opening address, the papers read in the International Conference on the Special Needs of Blind and Low Vision Seniors in Heidelberg march 2000 and some later written papers. I ask all readers who are working scientifically or practically for such seniors to send me their comments and papers on new findings.
Dr. Hans-Eugen Schulze born in 1922 and blind since earliest childhood.





Part I. Basic Positions

What Does Vision Impairment Mean to Older People? (Size: 152 kB; Count downloads: 6294; Last download at: 21.07.2024)

Vision Loss in Old Age - The Need and Potential for New Beginnings (Size: 157 kB; Count downloads: 7557; Last download at: 19.07.2024)
-J. Cook-

Part II. Epidemiology and Medical-Ophthalmological Research

An Examination of Secondary Conditions and Activity Limitations of Older People
Vision Impairment
(Size: 108 kB; Count downloads: 7156; Last download at: 20.07.2024)
-J.E. Crews and V.A. Campbell-

Blindness and Visual Impairment in Adults - Population Based Survey (Size: 159 kB; Count downloads: 8626; Last download at: 20.07.2024)
-P. Vassileva-

Age-Related Macular Degeneration:
Current Concepts of Pathogenesis and Risk Factors (Sorry. This file does not exist any more.)
-F. Schütt and F.G. Holz-

Visual Impairment and Functional Deficits in Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Part 1 (Size: 389 kB; Count downloads: 11410; Last download at: 21.07.2024)     Part 2 (Size: 6.99 MB; Count downloads: 16235; Last download at: 21.07.2024)     Part 3 (Size: 3.63 MB; Count downloads: 17467; Last download at: 21.07.2024)     Part 4
(Size: 5.67 MB; Count downloads: 25128; Last download at: 21.07.2024) -C. Bellmann and F.G. Holz-

Part III. Psychosocial Issues and Daily Living Skills in Different Settings -
Empirical and Conceptual Contributions

Individual Support Needs of Older People with Serious Sight Loss (Size: 97 kB; Count downloads: 4983; Last download at: 21.07.2024)
-A. Nelson and A. Barrick-

The Psychological Impact of Visual Impairment in Patients of Different Age (Size: 149 kB; Count downloads: 10056; Last download at: 21.07.2024)
-G.H. Franke, J. Esser, J. Reimer and N. Maehner-

On the Long-Term Psychological Adaptation to Vision Loss in the Later Years (Size: 322 kB; Count downloads: 11595; Last download at: 19.07.2024) -V. Heyl and H.-W. Wahl-

Spanish Adaptation of the AVL Scale by A. Horowitz and J.P. Reinhardt (Size: 3.59 MB; Count downloads: 18571; Last download at: 21.07.2024)
-R. Pallero, M. Diaz, P.J. Ferrando, U. Lorenzo and D. Marsal-

Age Specific Outcomes for ADL and IADL Performance and Independence
Following Rehabilitative Interventions with Seniors Experiencing Visual Impairments
(Size: 229 kB; Count downloads: 29863; Last download at: 21.07.2024)
-B.C. Stephens-

Appreciation of Talking Way-Finding Systems by Visually Impaired People (Size: 149 kB; Count downloads: 13528; Last download at: 21.07.2024)
-A.C. Kooijman and M. Taner Uyar-

Vision and Outdoor Mobility of Older Adults in Two German Rural Settings (Size: 185 kB; Count downloads: 12316; Last download at: 20.07.2024)
-H.-W. Wahl, V. Heyl, H. Mollenkopf, F. Oswald, O. Schilling and D. Wetzel-

Using Touch Instead of Vision – Some Reflections on Possible Psychological
Factors as Barriers or Facilitators to Developing Tactual Sensitivity (Sorry. This file does not exist any more.)
-H.G. Weinländer-

Reading Ability in Low Vision Seniors (Size: 2.17 MB; Count downloads: 18241; Last download at: 21.07.2024)
-S. Trauzettel-Klosinski-

Part IV. Intervention and Rehabilitation - Empirical and Conceptual Contributions

Development and Evaluation of a Memory Training for Blind Seniors on Tape
(Size: 342 kB; Count downloads: 4891; Last download at: 20.07.2024) -S. Bernard-

About the Necessity of Memory Training for Blind and Low Vision Seniors and
their Training Opportunities in Germany
(Size: 86 kB; Count downloads: 4877; Last download at: 20.07.2024)
-H.-E. Schulze-

Orientation and Mobility for Senior Citizens (Size: 104 kB; Count downloads: 5260; Last download at: 20.07.2024)
-G. Rockwitz-

Physical Training Program at Home and its Effect on Gait (Size: 237 kB; Count downloads: 7926; Last download at: 20.07.2024)
-A. Surakka-

Elementary Rehabilitation for Seniors Who Lose Sight Late in Life (Size: 135 kB; Count downloads: 26038; Last download at: 20.07.2024)
-P. Cory-

Rehabilitation for Visual Sharpness Trough Scanning Pigmentary Retinosis (Size: 101 kB; Count downloads: 4704; Last download at: 21.07.2024)
-L.F. Diaz Garcia-

Experiences of Conservative and Compensational Rehabilitation (Size: 103 kB; Count downloads: 4472; Last download at: 21.07.2024)
-A. Engeli and F. Heusser-

New Training Forms for Rehabilitation of Visual Cognitive Functions (Size: 487 kB; Count downloads: 17917; Last download at: 21.07.2024)
-R. Lakauskiene, V. Viliunas, A. Jasinskine and K. Gurevicius-

Rehabilitation of Disturbed Visual Function by Using Transcutaneal Electrostimulator (Size: 151 kB; Count downloads: 5826; Last download at: 21.07.2024)
-R. Lukauskiene and I. Busauskiene-

Visual Rehabilitation for the Elderly - A Psychosocial Demand (Sorry. This file does not exist any more.)
-S.F. Müller, E. Genzel, K. Deifert and T. Rittweger-

Moving to the Music (Size: 85 kB; Count downloads: 17247; Last download at: 20.07.2024)
-M. Austermann-

Psychomotor Training with Visually Handicapped Senior Citizens
(Size: 99 kB; Count downloads: 5320; Last download at: 20.07.2024) -F.-K. Krug-

Low Vision Counselling for Older Adults (Size: 97 kB; Count downloads: 4831; Last download at: 21.07.2024)
-H. Keil-

More Than Half of the Visually Impaired Seniors Also Have a Hearing Impairment (Size: 100 kB; Count downloads: 6159; Last download at: 21.07.2024)
-O.E. Mortensen-

Experiences with a Protocol for the Charles Bonnet Syndrome
(Size: 103 kB; Count downloads: 12032; Last download at: 20.07.2024) -P. Verstaten-

Structure of the Low Vision and Blindness in Latvia (1996 - 1998) (Size: 89 kB; Count downloads: 4414; Last download at: 20.07.2024)
-G. Laganovska, Z. Lagzdina and L. Usenko-

A Guide for People with Age-Related Total Blindness (Size: 82 kB; Count downloads: 4599; Last download at: 20.07.2024)
-H.-E- Schulze-

Part V. Educational Issues - Programs, Media, Self-Help and New Technologies

Acquired Vision Loss in Older People - Emotional Blockages to the Take Up of Services (Size: 1.69 MB; Count downloads: 16740; Last download at: 21.07.2024)
-J. Barrick-

The Potential Usefulness of High-Tech Aids for Visually Impaired Seniors (Size: 138 kB; Count downloads: 9341; Last download at: 19.07.2024)
-G. Jansson-

Accessibility and Usability of ICT (Information-Communication-Technology) for
Older and Disabled People
(Size: 124 kB; Count downloads: 11069; Last download at: 21.07.2024)
-J.-J. Meister-

A Curriculum on Aging and Vision Loss for University Programs (Size: 124 kB; Count downloads: 9592; Last download at: 19.07.2024)
-A.L. Orr-

Visually Impaired Seniors Caring for Themselves and Others (Size: 91 kB; Count downloads: 6696; Last download at: 20.07.2024)
-H.-E. Schulze-

Visually Impaired Seniors Using Computers (Size: 138 kB; Count downloads: 4680; Last download at: 20.07.2024)
-L.F. Thomas-

An Evaluation After Ten Years of Networking With Visually Impaired Elderly People Living on Their Own (Size: 115 kB; Count downloads: 8041; Last download at: 19.07.2024)
-A. Willemse and P. Verstraten-

Part VI. Learning from Each Other in an International Perspective

The Provision of Services for Older People in the UK - Thoughts on Achieving Resources (Size: 1.16 MB; Count downloads: 15788; Last download at: 21.07.2024)
-J. Barrick-

Psychological Consequences of and Adaptation to Age Related Low Vision and Blindness:
Low-Vision Project Kenya
(Size: 106 kB; Count downloads: 4967; Last download at: 20.07.2024)
-R.K. Kitau and P. Verweyen-

Problems and Rehabilitation of Blind and Visually Impaired Seniors in Poland (Size: 96 kB; Count downloads: 5143; Last download at: 19.07.2024)
-T. Majewski-

Publications of and for Blind and Visually Impaired Seniors in Germany (Size: 83 kB; Count downloads: 4369; Last download at: 19.07.2024)
-H.-E. Schulze-

Presentation of the Work for Elderly People of the Hamburg Association of Blind and Partially Sighted People (Size: 95 kB; Count downloads: 4997; Last download at: 21.07.2024)
-A. Sepke-

Organisation of Low Vision Care at the 1st Eye Clinic Faculty Hospital
(Brno, Czech Republic)
(Size: 116 kB; Count downloads: 5915; Last download at: 20.07.2024)
-S. Synek-

Senior Citizen Homes in Germany and Vision Loss (Size: 93 kB; Count downloads: 4433; Last download at: 21.07.2024)
-H.-E. Schulze-

Nursing Homes for the Blind in Poland (Size: 103 kB; Count downloads: 7588; Last download at: 20.07.2024)
-M. Duffy and A. Adamowicz-Hummel-

Care for Visually Impaired and Blind Seniors in Homes for the Elderly - A Project in The Netherlands (Size: 95 kB; Count downloads: 6479; Last download at: 20.07.2024)
-A. Willemse and P. Verstraten-

Part VII. Look into the Future

The Future of Geronto-Ophthalmology as Seen Trough a Telescope
Part 1 (Size: 4.44 MB; Count downloads: 15790; Last download at: 21.07.2024)     Part 2 (Size: 4.21 MB; Count downloads: 15871; Last download at: 21.07.2024)     Part 3 (Size: 4.3 MB; Count downloads: 16405; Last download at: 21.07.2024)     Part 4 (Size: 4.3 MB; Count downloads: 15022; Last download at: 21.07.2024)     Part 5 (Size: 4.21 MB; Count downloads: 16033; Last download at: 21.07.2024)     Part 6 (Size: 4.57 MB; Count downloads: 14937; Last download at: 21.07.2024)     Part 7 (Size: 4.18 MB; Count downloads: 14862; Last download at: 21.07.2024)     Part 8 (Size: 4.24 MB; Count downloads: 14979; Last download at: 21.07.2024)     Part 9 (Size: 4.38 MB; Count downloads: 14560; Last download at: 21.07.2024)     Part 10 (Size: 603 kB; Count downloads: 16958; Last download at: 21.07.2024)    
-R.A. Weale-

On the Potential of New Media and New Technologies for Old Age in General and Visually Impaired Elders in Particular
(Size: 204 kB; Count downloads: 5351; Last download at: 17.07.2024) -H. Mollenkopf-

Vision 2020 - The Right to Sight (Size: 96 kB; Count downloads: 4058; Last download at: 19.07.2024)
-A. Foster-




The substance of this book comes from a conference entitled "On the Special Needs of Blind and Low Vision Seniors" held on March 16-18, 2000, in Heidelberg. The major goal of the editors, who also chaired this event, is to improve the still neglected situation of visually impaired elderly individuals by fostering interdisciplinary research and multiprofessionally based practice - particularly in terms of rehabilitation. In order to achieve this goal, a variety of papers presented at the conference, which addressed a broad scope of issues affiliated with age-related low vision and blindness, were selected for this book. The book itself is divided into seven parts:


In Part I ("Basic Positions"), Barbara Silverstone from the U.S. and John Cook from Australia describe their view of what it means to suffer from visual impairment in the later years (Silverstone) and emphasize the need for "new beginnings" (Cook).


In Part II ("Epidemiology and Medical-ophthalmological Research"), particular attention is placed on the epidemiology of age-related vision impairment and research concerned with age-related macular degeneration, the most common cause for the loss of central vision in the elderly.


Part III ("Psychosocial Issues and Daily Living Skills in Different Settings - Empirical and Conceptual Contributions") addresses the whole gamut of day-to-day challenges and coping efforts among elders affected by a severe loss of vision.


Part IV ("Intervention and Rehabilitation - Empirical and Conceptual Contributions") provides the reader with a state-of-the-art overview of rehabilitation and intervention techniques currently employed to support visually impaired older adults.


Part V ("Educational Issues - Programs, Media, Self-help and New Technologies") explores the potential of a diversity of traditional and innovative means toward supporting educational processes.


Part VI ("Learning from an International Perspective") illustrates the need to share experiences and identify those models which are most effective in practice.


Finally, Part VII ("A Look into the Future") offers a three-fold view of what lies ahead of us in the field - in terms of the future of the science of ophthalmology (Robert A. Weale), new media and new technologies (Heidrun Mollenkopf) and the important WHO initiative "Vision 2020 - The Right to Sight" (Allen Foster).


The editors of this book sincerely hope that it will stimulate new research in a variety of domains, ranging from basic biology-oriented studies on the etiology of eye diseases to psychosocial and educational issues on the social and behavioural level. We further encourage associations for the elderly, especially those serving blind and partially sighted elders, self-help groups, as well as professionals in the field to acknowledge the power of rehabilitation and the fact that old age and visual impairment does not prevent one from leading a rich and happy life in old age.


The publication of the book, as well as the conference attended by the contributors, were only made possible due to the outstanding financial support provided by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women, and Youth. Their generous aid is very much appreciated. In addition, we would like to thank the following institutions and private firms for additional financial help (listed in alphabetical order): Christian Blind Mission, Ciba Vision, Claere-Jung-Foundation, German Relief Work for the Blind, Heidelberger Versorgungs- und Verkehrsbetriebe, and the IBM HandicapCenter.


Last but not least, we would like to thank Ms. Ursula König for her excellent work in preparing the camera-ready version of this book.



Hans-Eugen Schulze

The German Association of Blind and Partially Sighted Students and Professionals


Hans-Werner Wahl

The German Centre for Research on Ageing at the University of Heidelberg


Karlsruhe / Heidelberg, December 2000